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Orico Hard Drive Duplicator


Orico HDD / SSD duplicator dock lets you clone an existing hard drive without the use of a host computer system, or dock and swap drives from your desktop or laptop computer simultaneously. As a hard drive duplicator, the dock lets you create an exact sector-by-sector clone from one hard drive to another, including partitions and boot sector information > ensuring data integrity and consistency for sensitive operations, such as data recovery. As an external hard drive dock, it lets you connect your drives through either eSATA or USB.  With push-button operation and plug-and-play installation, the duplicator dock is specially designed for hassle-free operation. It lets you quickly dock your hard drives or start duplicating hard drives with the push of a button.

Functions: Off-line Clone, Tool Free, Hot-swap, Without drives
USB 3.0 to SATA
Orico 6628US3-C
Maximum Supporting Hard Drive Capacity: 16TB (2 x 8TB=16TB)
Supports HDD Type: 2.5'' or 3.5'' SATA HDD / SSD
Product size: 135mm x 115mm x 80mm  /  5.31" x 4.53" x 3.15"

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