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CHUWI Hi10 plus Case

Drop Resistant, Shock-Proof, Anti-Dust

Touch Pen + Screen Film + Dust plugs FREE! 


Speaking of 3 in 1, this is the perfect combination in a single case.  In case your device falls, it is highly resistant to impact.  The firmness of the inner casing makes it shock-proof, so any internal damage will be avoided certainly.  And with its soft leather material it is resistant to dust, making it look new for many years to come.  This one is a definite highlight with such features at a very competitive price.  This is a must for anyone's cart looking for a reliable case at a good price with FREE Touch Pen, Screen Film and Dust Plugs included.  This is a definite keeper!

Light weight. Made with PU leather soft to the touch yet durable enough for all falls, scratches, dirt and wear.

Width: 10.8 inch
Length: 10.8 inch
Features: Protective Shell/Skin, Drop resistance, Shockproof, Anti-Dust
Compatible Brand: CHUWI Hi10, 10.8"

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